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Pastor Aaron Wilson
November 6, 2022
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  February 2023  
This Week's Events
  • Remnant Store

    The Remnant Store is open on Saturdays from 9 AM to 2 PM.  You can enter through the Box 2 Cafe in the multipurpose building.

  • The Book of David

    "The Book of David" by Bro. Ron, is being featured in the March-April edition of the Lamplighter magazine in a book review by Dr. David R. Reagan. He describes the book as "informative, inspirational and absolutely fascinating". It is a 330-page book, containing verse-by-verse commentary on every verse of the Bible that mentions the name of David.  It can be purchased through Bethel Fellowship Ministries at PO Box 2, McDaniels, KY 40152 for $19.95, which includes postage and handling.  Or, you can order by calling (270)257-2689. "The Book of David" can also be ordered on Amazon on the following link: https://www.amazon.com/Book-David-Ron-Miller/dp/1937263975

  • Prayer Vigils

    At Bethel Fellowship Church, we offer a continual prayer vigil to cover our ministry in consistent prayer. Prayer vigils are Wednesdays and Thursdays from 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM and Saturdays from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM.  Prayer vigils are broken down into one-hour blocks which include prayer for each other and for all facets of Bethel Fellowship Ministries.  Each hour begins with the person ending their prayer time praying for those whose hour is beginning and those beginning will pray for those who have just finished. We welcome you to sign up for a one-hour block. There is a sign-up sheet on the alter in the sanctuary, or you can contact Mrs. Gretchen Miller.


  • Box Two Radio App

    Spread the word! You can now live stream Box 2 Radio Network from all your mobile devices! Go to the app store on your device, and enter "Box Two Radio" in the search bar. 

Prophecy for Kentucky

(From Cindy Jacobs during her interview on the BBC, Monday, July 6)

     The Lord would say…“I am moving you into a new season where you are going to start seeing flames.”

     (Cindy) I am literally seeing this vision of these small camp fires (that is what the Lord is saying to me). They are small camp fires all over the state…They are on high school campuses, on university campuses, they are in youth groups, they are in prayer meetings…the golden girls praying.

     The Lord says, “Don’t you know that this is increasing to such a degree that it will be a bonfire prayer that reaches to Me in Heaven and I will answer.”

     The Lord says there are roots that are becoming shoots in the state of Kentucky that are going to grow to oak trees…that are going to help preserve this nation in surprising ways. You will see some good news come in some ways that people will say, “What state is this…Oh, it’s that state of Kentucky.”

     The Lord says, “I have got it in the works and I’m going to do it. I am going to bring the great revivalist out of this state once again. Great revivalist…my burning ones are going to come out of Kentucky. They are going to be used to set this nation aflame once more.”

Help RRYR and BCA Raise Money

You can help RRYR raise money by using Good Search and Good Shop to search and shop online.  Every time you use the site, it helps raise money.

Books Available by Bro. Ron

The books written by Bro. Ron include "The Book of David" ($15 or $20 to mail), "The Book of Balance" , and "Walking in the Covenant of Salt" (either available for $8 or $10 to mail).  They are available in the Bethel Bookstore or can be requested by mail at 270-257-2689.

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