Support Christian Radio


Box 2 Radio Network(WBFI/WBFK) is a not-for-profit, community supported FM broadcast stations. Unlike other radio stations in South Central Kentucky, we are not licensed as “commercial” therefore; we cannot sell air time to generate advertising revenue. You cannot buy advertising on our stations. We depend on the gifts of families, businesses and churches. 
What you can do is agree (or covenant) to support our station by covenanting with us for $15.00 a month for one hour. There are 720 hours in a basic month. This type of supporting our station is by our covenant partners.
Box 2 Radio Network acknowledges all covenant partners by mentioning their generosity to the listening audience. Giving our listeners as much information about each covenant partner as is allowable by the FCC. Our production staff will make arrangements to acknowledge your hour specifically according to your needs and wishes. Acknowledgement spots list your location, phone number, services and or announcements, giving your hour a personal touch for the Christian broadcasting area. 
Thank you for your prayers and support! Gifts made to Box 2 Radio Network will be recognized as you prefer. All covenant gifts made to Box 2 Radio Network are tax deductable. 
Call (270) 257-2689 or (270) 257-0726 for more information or to become a Kingdom Covenant Partner TODAY!
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